Commandite registration at Cégep@distance – An online success all down the line!

For three years now, Cégep à distance has been offering online registration for commandite students, thanks to our partnership with the Service régional d’admission du collégial du Québec (SRACQ). Online registration generally allows students to receive their course materials in less than five business days. The SRACQ app that lets CEGEPs issue “virtual” commandites for visiting students was set up quite some time ago.

All CEGEPs that belong to the commandite program can make use of the SRACQ computerized system. They can access statistics by session, student, or issuer, and take greater control over access rights, dates and courses taken by their students in commandite arrangements. The issuing institution can even cancel the commandite if it is not yet confirmed. Not only does this program offer a great trove of information for registrars and academic advisors, but it simplifies the commandite process to make it more efficient and reliable and offers additional functions that make cooperation among CEGEPs easier.

This technological advancement is part of a sustainable development policy that is beneficial for everyone because it does away with paper registration and file duplicates in sister colleges and considerably reduces the transportation of administrative documents from one CEGEP to another.

Commandites represent around 60% of Cégep à distance’s clientele, who number around 21,000 students a year, with over 30,000 course registrations.

For a more detailed article on the introduction of this service to Cégep à distance, please see Clic, bulletin collégial des technologies de l’information et des communications, no 80 (in French)..